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The Highlander Institute is a non-profit community of educators and professionals

working to improve the educational experience of all learners.


Transformative Consulting

Our models for School Reform have helped partner schools and school districts increase their NECAP scores by an average of 11 points over two years and transform their practices.


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Research & Development

We conduct on-going Research and Development to explore which tools and methods work well in the classroom, and use our insights to innovate exciting, new solutions.


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Professional Development

High quality training is essential in order to support teachers through various reform initiatives.  We offer a diverse array of content through tailored delivery models.


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Conferences & Workshops

The Highlander Institute actively organizes educational events and conferences to help build community and provide professional development resources to educators.


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Stay up to date with the Meet Education Project!

The Meet Education Project is a podcast series, hosted by Nick DiNardo, focused on having deep conversations with the thought leaders, action takers, and “do’ers” in the education industry.  Each week, he connects with inspiring people who hold many different roles in education, such as teachers, education entrepreneurs, school leaders & administrators (public, private, and new school models), consultants, professors, higher education professionals, and students.


Episode 070: Jakob Garrow, Co-Founder and CEO of EdTrips

In this episode of MEP, we have Jakob Garrow, the Co-Founder and CEO of EdTrips. We talk about what EdTrips is and the problem that he’s trying to solve. We also talk about education, experiential learning through the importance of travel, and also about business and building an entrepreneurial mindset. Enjoy the podcast! Guest Bio: Jakob Garrow co-founded EdTrips, an online platform for planning and organizing educational field trips, so that teachers.. read more

Recent News

At the Highlander Institute we always have new and exciting things going on! Stay up to date by checking out our Recent News section.

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RI Educators to Visit Summit Public Schools in Silicon Valley


Providence, RI (January 7, 2015) A team of educators from across RI will travel to the Bay area in California next week to visit with leaders of  Summit Public Schools… read more

Educators Spend Summer Day at Unconference


EdTechRI’s fifth unconference took place on Tuesday, July 15 at West Warwick High School. Over 60 educators from 19 districts attended the event, which ran from 9:00am until noon. Unconferences.. read more

Tom Vanderark Cites Highlander Institute as Key to Blended Learning in Providence


Smart Cities: Providence Picking Up The Pace The Providence School District was engaged in a turnaround effort at the turn of the century. Almost 15 years later, Providence Schools continues efforts to implement.. read more