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The Highlander Institute is a non-profit community of educators and professionals

working to improve the educational experience of all learners.


Transformative Consulting

Our models for School Reform have helped partner schools and school districts increase their NECAP scores by an average of 11 points over two years and transform their practices.


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Research & Development

We conduct on-going Research and Development to explore which tools and methods work well in the classroom, and use our insights to innovate exciting, new solutions.


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Professional Development

High quality training is essential in order to support teachers through various reform initiatives.  We offer a diverse array of content through tailored delivery models.


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Conferences & Workshops

The Highlander Institute actively organizes educational events and conferences to help build community and provide professional development resources to educators.


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Stay up to date with the Meet Education Project!

The Meet Education Project is a podcast series, hosted by Nick DiNardo, focused on having deep conversations with the thought leaders, action takers, and “do’ers” in the education industry.  Each week, he connects with inspiring people who hold many different roles in education, such as teachers, education entrepreneurs, school leaders & administrators (public, private, and new school models), consultants, professors, higher education professionals, and students.


Episode 111: Eric Kapitulik on How to Do “One More” and Why “Shared Adversity” is the Key to Building Strong Teams

In this episode of MEP, our guest is Eric Kapitulik, Founder of The Program, a leadership and team development company. We talk about a pivotal moment in his life and how he turned it into something that resonates and is beneficial to others. He also talks about shared adversity, which is at the heart of developing great teams and great leaders. Guest Bio: Born and raised in Thompson, CT, Eric Kapitulik attended.. read more

Recent News

At the Highlander Institute we always have new and exciting things going on! Stay up to date by checking out our Recent News section.

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Inside Rhode Island’s Transformative Blended Learning Workforce


As featured in Ed Tech Magazine in 08/2015: When Rhode Island’s schools took the blended-learning plunge, they weren’t just transforming how their students are taught, they were also fundamentally changing how.. read more

Reflections on a Year as a Fuse Fellow


by Kyle Wilson, Fuse Fellow, 4th Grade Teacher So, exactly what is it that you’re doing?” As Fuse Fellows, this is something we’re asked all the time, whether we’re talking.. read more

Whose Role is it Anyway?


This fall, iNACOL released Teacher Competencies for Blended Learning, offering a framework describing the characteristics and skills educators need in order to lead successful blended classrooms. Interestingly, the document does.. read more