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Blended Learning.


What is Blended Learning?

Blended Learning and education technologies are changing classroom instruction at an incredible pace. New touch-based interfaces, cloud computing, and skill-specific applications are becoming cheaper and more powerful every day. Students are more attuned to using tech tools and teachers must keep up with best resources and classroom practices. The space is expanding rapidly and it is essential that districts, schools and teachers have guidance in choosing, understanding, and leveraging the best usage for these tools. Let the Highlander Institute show you how best practice in edtech integration and blended learning can increase personalized instruction and student engagement.  Whether you are an edtech novice or a school that is ready to go 1:1, the Highlander Institute can help you take the plunge. We practice what we preach and offer differentiated professional development services that are tailored to staff needs.

Our Blended Learning Services

Transformative Consulting:  As the lead consultant in Rhode Island's first blended learning school, Pleasant View Elementary, we have experience tackling blended learning at the school-wide level.

We can help:
  • Run a building infrastructure needs-assessment to test bandwidth, feasibility, etc.
  • Find the best vendors and order hardware/resources
  • Recommend the blended learning model that works best for your school
  • Review and choose best content providers for your school and budget
  • Train your teachers in blended learning best practices
  • Run your blended learning program from infancy through maturity
Research & Development:  As the incubator of exciting products like Metryx and SmartMath, we have insider knowledge as to how tools, services, and systems are developed for the educational space.

We can help:
  • Assess the Educational Value of Technology Software & Hardware Products
  • Provide consulting to EdTech product developers seeking to understand user needs
  • Design and Develop EdTech products that meet the needs of diverse stakeholders
  • Incubate products and services developed by educators and professionals in the space
Professional Development:  Tech Nights, Full Days, designed to meet the needs of individual educators interested in exploring the space

Workshops & Conferences:  Opportunities to build community and learn from one another. EdTech Up, EdUndergroud, Blended Learning Conference. Please view the events tab to see upcoming events in this particular area.

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