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Conferences & Workshops


The Highlander Institute runs an annual Blended Learning Conference. This year’s conference is scheduled for Saturday, March 7th, 2015 at the University of RI Providence Feinstein Campus. Visit for more information!


The Highlander Institute recently held its annual Diverse Learning Conference at the URI Feinstein Campus in Providence.  The conference was a huge success, with over 140 educators in attendance, participating in a variety of workshops as well as a 2-hour keynote event by Dr. Anita Archer!  So far, feedback from the event has been overwhelmingly positive.


EdTech Integration Training: Educators need training in best practice to make the best usage of the hardware and software that is available. Finding free resources, establishing systems, managing student work, leveraging assessment and real-time data, all of this takes experience and training in order for teachers to leverage edtech properly.

Let the Highlander Institute’s Technology Integration Workshop Series take you from an edtech novice to the point person for your school. Through our 3-tiered instructional system, you will learn to better navigate iPads, SMARTboards, SMARTphones and Web 2.0 resources. We developed our three tiered method of instruction to give teachers multiple entry points for training and instruction. If you need help deciding which tiered level works best for you please contact,

Tier 1: This workshop is for EdTech beginners who are interested in learning new techniques and resources for better integrating mobile devices and edtech in the classroom. This workshop can be differentiated to meet the needs of teachers from grades prek-12 with an emphasis on moving teachers through the phases of edtech usage, from presentation through consumption and onward to creation. We teach student centered techniques that are both content specific and flexible across content areas.

Tier 2: This workshop will build on the Tier 1 workshop with an emphasis on establishing smooth classroom-wide systems. Managing file storage, student work, and online resources is challenging once you begin using multiple providers in your classroom. We will help you to create a systematic approach to edtech usage based upon your personalized hardware and software situation.

Tier 3: Our tier three workshop is designed for school technology/classroom integration specialists who wish to roll out what they have learned school wide. We will focus this training on school-wide systems including wireless internet, server support, iPad Configurator or OTA services, as well as how to run your own in-house EdTech professional development with teachers in your school.

Register today for one of our courses ($150), or schedule the entire three-part series for only $450!