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Research & Development

Research-&-DevelopmentResearch and Design work at the Highlander Institute pushes the boundaries of what is possible in education.  Our initiatives uncover and enable the development of high potential education models and tools; improve the effectiveness of school, district and state policy; and discover and create new knowledge.

The Highlander Institute is pursuing R&D alliances with the Brown University Evaluation Team, the Rhode Island Department of Education, and the Annenberg Institute for School Reform.

Current projects include:

  • Metryx – A formative assessment application for mobile technology platforms
  • SmartMath – The development and piloting of a research-based math curriculum
  • Spaziano Elementary School – The transformation of a Providence school into a District Charter School
  • EdUnderground – A hands-on laboratory for the exploration of technology integration strategies (in partnership with the Business Innovation Factory).
  • The implementation of an inquiry-based Expanded Learning Time model at the Highlander Charter School to increase learning time for all students
  • The development of an interactive SmartBoard activity to align and sequence curriculum with Common Core Standards