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EdUnderground is bringing together education technology pioneers and early adopters from various districts across the state of Rhode Island in partnership with the Business Innovation Factory (BIF) to explore technology models, approaches and solutions to enhance student achievement.

EdUnderground is a hands-on laboratory where teachers can discover, explore, create and experiment with technology integration strategies, blended learning models, and other innovative tactics using hardware platforms and software programs to support the diverse needs of students.

The EdUnderground is an educator haven. A place where teachers can design for a student instead of a classroom of 30. Budgets are irrelevant, and state testing an afterthought.

Picture an EdCamp in an Apple Store with the focus and intensity of a StartupWeekend.

Using a collective inquiry process and design thinking participants will innovate, test and validate various solutions in the hopes of creating real-time, on-the-ground resources that will inspire not crush teacher inventiveness and creativity with students.

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* The Ed Underground is currently supported through a Rhode Island Department of Education (RIDE) Professional Learning Communities grant. We are looking for additional funding from independent donors and foundations who are interested in supporting our work. If interested please contact Shawn Rubin at